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Photo Album

Welcome to our photo album.
Here is a collection of photos from our album that we hope you enjoy.
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Australian Grand Champion
Belvurn Too Hot T'Handle (Imp UK) SOM
Australian Champion
Galicar Contradiction (Imp UK) JW ShCM

Australian Grand Champion
Kabova Scent Ova Woman

Elmo Van Sapho's Hoeve (Imp Blg)
Australian Grand Champion
The Fonejacker At Surfstone (Imp UK)
Boxberry The Ringer

Australian Champion
Boxberry Surfing Superstar
Kirilenko de la Finca Sapho
(Imp Spain)
Boxberry Makes It Better

Australian Champion
Boxberry A Star Is Born DOM
Ozstock Stars Iner Eyes
Barbie is the foundation of the Boxers here at Boxberry
1-6-99 to 15-3-08
Rest In Peace precious Rhubarb
Boxberry Star Struck At Belvern
(Imp Aust)
Australian Champion
Boxberry Super Nova
Australian Champion
Boxberry Wish Upona Star
Boxberry St Elmos Fire
11 months old
Australian Champion
Boxberry Sweet Surrender CCD
AKA "Burger"
Australian Champion
Boxberry About Last Night

Australian Champion
Roxbud Hey Surprise

Boxberry On A Roll

Boxberry Tater Tot
AKA "Watta Dog"
Australian Champion
Kirkgate Knock Em Out
Australian Champion
Ronin Outrageous Fortune (Imp NZ)
Boxberry Pretty Lil Precious
Australian Champion
Boxberry The Burgers R Better
Australian Champion
Boxberry Lucky Star
Boxberry What A Surprise
Boxberry Never Surrender
Australian Champion
Boxberry Little Star
Boxberry Stella Xplosion


Boxberry Super Cool

Boxberry Red Rascal

Whitechapel Satin Sash
18-4-91 to 24-8-04
Rest In Peace My Yar
Australian Champion
Belvern Gone With The Wind
(Imp UK)
Taken Away Too Young
We love you Boo Boo
Kirkgate Spirit O Gold
Getting ready for a dip
Billy enjoying celebrations at the Halliday household in Sydney after his Class in show specialty wins in April
Jamie enjoying the snow while he was on holiday in New Zealand
Bagel celebrating with Billy at the Halliday household in Sydney with her friend Jess
Zoe & Tatum
New Best Freinds
Our other family members
Daisy and her twin babies Tulip & Rose
"Ity Bity Bagel"
Wasn't she just the cutest baby ever - she is still pretty cute :-)
Take me home !!!
Where is my mummy !!!!
Table dog?
Christmas Spirit ?
waiting for a refill
Tatum, Emilio, Noodle & Kelly
Family photo on Christmas day 2007.
AKA Watta
My Ball !!!
Christmas Day 2009
Jack, Watta, Burger, Demi & Geoffy


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